Myanmar Garment Workers have to work over 15 hours per day

Myanmar Garment Workers have to work over 15 hours per day.In a recent interview with IWFM president Daw Khine Zar Aung, "she pointed out some workers from Myanmar’s garment factories are forced to work over 15 hours per day only having a few hours for rest." Although Myanmar labor law restricts the 8 working hours for laborers, she told "according to the workers from the H&M garment factory, they expressed they have to work from early morning 6A.M to the overnight shifts until 3 A.M only having 4 hours of sleep per day".Even though the military junta enacted the curfew order, most of the garment factories in Yangon industrial zones are running overnight shifts.Moreover, most garment factories tend to appoint interns and day staff, to reduce their wage bill by only paying 75% of the minimum wage to those workers. Furthermore, the factories raised the minimum amount of work done to increase the output of the factory without negotiation with the workers, and as a result, the workers do not get any overtime fees although they work very long working hours and if the workers do not participate in those working hours they use the negative measures to threat the workers such as reducing their position, stopping ferry access and even remove from the factory. According to the documents from the Myanmar labor news, over a dozen factories forced workers to work overtime shifts without paying any fees. In addition, at one of the garment factories from the Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone, the owners are giving pressure on their employees to work 80 hours per week by breaking the labor laws as they do not get any punishment from the government labor office. Instead, in June 2023 Myanmar military junta is preparing to punish the laborers and activists who requested the minimum wage per day. #EnglishVersion